Olive oil with history

Το Λιοτρίβι
Το Χωριό
Ο Παππούς
Ο Ελαιώνας
Το Λάδι μας
From Roman times the inhabitants were engaged in the cultivation of olives and animal husbandry. Monument of this era and the Roman olive press …
In the 16th century in the area of ​​Rogada, created the village which is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Among those who inhabit it are our ancestors.
Grandfather Panagiotis was one of the best olive harvesters of the area. Together with his parents and siblings, having their own olive grove, they pave the way for future generations.
The village is deserted and an untapped treasure is gradually lost. Nevertheless, a part of this ancient and traditional olive grove is cultivated by our family trying to keep it alive.
The new generation undertakes to share this wealth with you, packaging and distributing to the whole world this treasure, the extra virgin organic olive oil … “ROGADA”.

100 π.Χ.
1550 μ.Χ.
1912 μ.Χ.
1995 μ.Χ.
2020 μ.Χ.

Our family has been involved in the biological cultivation of olive since 1912. Living in a small mountainous village surrounded by olive trees and pine trees, our ancestors were occupied with the cultivation of those trees.

Initially, our grandfather Panagiotis (93 years old today) who was one of the best olive harvesters of the area, with his parents and siblings, having in their possession 30 acres of olive trees, but great love and a lot of passion for work, showed the path for the next generations.

Today, our family with our father, Father Stratis leading the way, blessing and strictly supervising the organic farming, his wife Eleni (Panagiotis daughter) and their children by his side, continue the traditional method of cultivating quality biological extra virgin olive oil, which they have with excess love learnt from ancestors.

Even though the children have completed their studies in entirely different sectors (biology, electrical engineering and physiotherapy) they decided to work exclusively with olives, to stay and endeavour in their homeland. They have vast stock of experience and knowledge which derives from at least five generations.

Their love for their village and its pure produce has taken root in their hearts and created ambitions. Watering with the sweet sweat of their labour and collecting the blessed produce, they strive to offer the consumer the quality of the biological extra virgin olive oil unspoiled.

Our family has been cultivating olive trees for more than a 110 years at the altitude of 450 metres with an exclusively biological method WITHOUT chemicals, WITHOUT fertilizers, WITHOUT spritzing and WITHOUT watering. We produce olive oil with love for humans and respect of nature.


We stand out

Ελαιόλαδο με Ιστορία

Ελαιόλαδο με Ιστορία

Το χωριό μας, το Αμπελικό της Λέσβου, είναι ένα από τα αρχαιότερα του νησιού καθώς κατοικήθηκε από τον 3 ͦ αιώνα π.Χ.

Παρθένος Βιολογικός Καρπός

Παρθένος Βιολογικός Καρπός

Η οικογένεια μας καλλιεργεί με αποκλειστικά βιολογικό τρόπο ελαιόδεντρα για περισσότερο από 110 χρόνια.

Με Αγάπη στο Τραπέζι σας

Με Αγάπη στο Τραπέζι σας

Καλλιεργούμε με γνώμονα την αγάπη για τον άνθρωπο και το περιβάλλον.